Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bend, Oregon

What's up everyone? As you may or may not know, SNC took a trip to Bend, Oregon this weekend to perform for the Cascade Festival of Music. It was a very exciting trip filled mostly with long plane rides and a couple of shows. Both of our shows were at Summit High School, one in the mid-afternoon and the other in the evening. Seeing as this was one of our first major private gigs (not to mention it was on the other side of the country) I have to admit I was a little nervous. Fortunately, the shows went off without a hitch and we even got to do a little meet & greet/autograph session after the show. Big shout out to our fans in Bend, Oregon! They were incredibly hospitable, friendly, and accommodating. It is always nice to have a warm reception when you are far away from home. Anyways, I'm about to board the plane for our flight from Denver back to Indy. See you all later.

-Drew K.


R.e.l. Jean said...

Just wanted to thank you guys again for traversing cross country to Bend for your concert!!! It was absolutely fantastic seeing you guy-you're so awesome!
:) AJ

Jake said...

I'd never heard of your guys until I'd heard about this concert. SO I looked you up, found some fun videos, but still couldn't make it to the show :-(

I know people who went, and said they had a great time. You guys are welcome back anytime. You'll be surprised how strong the music community is around here -- some of the best musicians in the country have moved here because they like living here, paycheck be damned, so our local community symphony, chorale and opera groups are top-notch for a community this size.